Visit Old Raleigh Cemetery haunted
Visit Salem Cemetery tennessee
Visit The Leisure Residence (at your own risk) ghost. Haunted house created by playing with a Ouija Board
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"We Really Do See Dead People"
The Most Haunted Building in Tennessee! The Historic Tennessee Brewery!
Don't STEAL from us and we won't have to HAUNT your home! We have had equipment and evidence stolen by a convicted felon.
House 1161 and Evergreen haunted
to visit random investigations! ghost pictures in memphis
Visit The VERY Haunted Potter's Field Cemetery, Memphis.
visit bethule and kerrville cemeteries haunted
These pages are a collection of OUR evidence of the paranormal.
Ghosts, Haunting, Poltergeists. We handle everything paranormal in Memphis.
Enjoy and if you have questions please contact us. Click any picture to go directly to an
investigation, video or audio clip. There is life after death and we can prove it.
visit the haunted woods of Meeman Shelby Forrest
visit  Historic Slavenhaven Underground Railroad Museum haunted
automatic writing with ghosts, in haunted Memphis.
EVP GHOST VOICES! haunted A radio interview of us playing recordings from the dead!
Visit Russell or Karen and tell them the Ghost Hunter sent ya! haunted!
About Us Video! memphis flyer cover story! Memphis Ghost Hunters®
Travel Channel Halloween Episode featuring M.P.I.(audio) haunted
Audio Pod
not haunted voodoo village in memphis tennessee.
Bartlett cemetery. Haunted by ghosts from Memphis!
Read about us in the Memphis Flyer Newspaper!
Visit our Random Investigations Page! Just a hodgepodge of ghost pictures.
Visit the Leisure Residence. The most haunted house we have encountered in
Memphis. This poltergeist was created by the use of a Ouija board. They
aren't toys!
Visit the Historic and VERY Haunted Tennessee Brewery of Memphis!
Listen to some of our recordings of the dead!
Visit the Haunted Shelby Forest
Visit the most Haunted restaurant and bar in
Memphis! Earnestine and Hazel's on Main St.
Listen to our episode of Weird Travels on the Travel Channel!
Our "Why NOT to Visit VooDoo Village" Movie
Visit haunted Bethule Cemetery in Millington TN.
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SlaveHaven Underground Railroad Museum Investigation
Visit one of the most Haunted cemeteries in Memphis. Old Raleigh Cemetery!
Automatic Writing and Dead Poet's Society
Bartlett Ellendale Cemetery Investigation
Potter's Field Cemetery
Shelby County's "POOR" Cemetery and Salem Cemetery in Atoka TN. (The most haunted cemetery in TN.)
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Our interview on FOX 13 Memphis! Another interview! channel 13 memphis
ABC 24 interview and story. VOODOO VILLAGE!
Our memorial page for people that you think were angel among us. Send their pictures and a brief description to
Our Memorial Page
Magnolia Manor. What's NOT haunted in the Midsouth! Magnolia Manor in Bolivar tennessee hired a known cocain dealer to make threats. They also hired a multiple convicted burglar and woman beater Derek Kifer as a tour guide two years in a row, knowing his criminal record.
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